Why Opus-Two?


24 Hour Technical Support

Not only do you have an inside contact, but we have 24 hour technical support where we will either answer the phone or call you back immediately. We have been there when tech support closed 5 minutes before you need them (or they just went home in the middle of troubleshooting a problem). We will never put one of our clients through that.


Fewer components leads to fewer failures

You will never get an ethernet failure on Opus-Two because we don’t use it. You will never get a chamber ciphering because a data cable came loose because our chamber controllers are smart enough to not do that. Our competitors offer that their relay could play every note in the organ if you commanded it to, and besides the fact that their relays can’t do that, wouldn’t you rather the relay be smart and prevent that condition? Opus-Two is twice as nice for half the price.


Auto Pedal Divide & Software Magic

The patent art for this feature hangs proudly on our wall. We have the only pedal divide in the industry that can select the divide point automatically as you play.

Our competitors have add-on cards that add functionality. Many of them have external cards for basic functions like crescendo disable, all swells to swell, etc. Some of them can’t even make lit pushbuttons mutually exclusive. These features and more are built in to every Opus-Two system and are available at no extra cost.