Announcing the High Output version of the I/O64LED!

We have taken our popular LED-loaded Input/Output card and redesigned it to offer some pretty incredible features.  The socketed driver chips are replaced with higher capacity discreet MOSFET output circuitry and created the most robust Opus-Two card yet.  This card has been in the design phase for over a year, and expands upon the concept of building our SuperDriver directly into the driver card with even heavier duty parts.  Everything about this card is heavy duty from the high output MOSFETs to the oversized supression diodes.


Same footprint as Legacy Input/output cards

As each card in The Next Generation has been created, it has been crafted to fit the exact same footprint as our original separate input/output cards.  Very early Opus-Two driver cards (serial number under 500) can be replaced with this card.  No software updates to the controller are needed.  The card will fit in the exact same footprint, connect the same way, and use the same mounting holes.


High output power

The high current card is not "linked" to the logic voltage at all, so any voltage can be supplied between 5 and 28 volts DC.  The voltage applied will only be used to drive the pins on that card.

Each header (group of 8 pins) is capable of driving 8 amps total.  This can be made up of any combination (8 amps on 1 pin or 1 amp on each pin), meaning this card can drive 1 3/4 ohm loads at 14 volts (for reference, 68 feet of 24 gauge telephone wire has a 1 3/4 ohm resistance).  This card will drive any valve with ease.  

Overall the card can sustain current flows up to 48 amps for a long amount of time and bursts of 64 amps.


current monitoring

The card has a high speed processor on board that is faster than some entire control systems.  This processor precisely monitors current flow to each group of outputs on a header.  Should an over-current situation occur the header will be shut down digitally within 5 microseconds and an LED indicator will illuminate to aid diagnostics.  Each header has a separate LED to indicate the group which an over-curent occurred.  Should an over-current occur, the group of 8 notes where the fault occurred will shut down instead of the entire 64 notes.

Seven hundred components combine together to form the new card.  Many of those parts exist for protection - we realize that most clients will not be replacing surface mount components and we have designed this card to survive nearly any condition.  We are currently aggressively testing the design and will ship when it has satisfactorily completed all testing (bench testing and real world Wicks testing).  Reservations are being accepted and we guarantee delivery of pre-orders by July 1st (hopefully sooner).

The new card is priced at $425.  Partner pricing applies.

To help alleviate concerns about a surface mount only card with no user-replacable parts, the card is coming with a full 5 year warranty included in the cost of the card.  We are confident that this card is just what is needed for sites with very aggressive combination actions, low impedance electric actions, and even pull downs on slider chests.

image (15).png