This toolset is for all C-IV sites.  Summary of changes:

  • Improved saved frame recall. This will eliminate chirps or other sounds from the chamber when plugging in a PicKit2, setting a console piston, unplugging a console, or any other event that causes the chamber to miss frames and rely on a saved copy.
  • Improved MIDI input in the chamber. On rare occasion, a MIDI note would be missed.  This is corrected.
  • Improved ability to hardwire stop/tuning inputs to chamber card chains. A simple procedure allows console-like mapping to occur within the chambers.
  • Added new tutti functions to console(see page #34 of Config Guide).  This tutti can be set without using the display by setting stops, holding set, and pressing the tutti button.  The tutti can be "shown" by holding cancel and pressing the tutti button.
  • Alt/Orch Crescendois now supported.  See config guide 1.9 or higher for more information.
  • Insert and Deletefor piston sequencers have been ported to PIC toolsets.
  • Piston Mask Mergingin real time allows one piston to be recalled with the summed mask of another piston.  This allows controls such as "Choir Pistons Include Pedal Stops."  Search for "mask_override" in the config guide.
  • Supporting TouchOSC iPad tuning.  Documentation is still being developed.  Support is in place for full length (128 note) keying buffers, 192 stops (can be expanded when needed), and 4 expression controls.  Magic Tuner, iPad Sostenuto, and more are included.  Please note that additional hardware is needed and this feature is in beta - contact us for more information.