Opus-Two is a common platform for Hauptwerk deployment.  If you have physical moving stops, the only choice you have to make is whether you want Opus-Two to store pistons and combinations or whether you want Hauptwerk to do that.

If Opus-Two is in charge of the combination action, when a piston is pressed, by the time stops start moving, Hauptwerk has received the entire MIDI update.  If Hauptwerk is in charge, the process is a bit slower and drawknobs may appear sluggish.  This is mostly because Opus-Two is extremely efficient at processing MIDI and Windows is not.  Macintosh users may not notice the sluggishness.

Keying is always extremely responsive.  It has been said that MIDI is not fast enough for an aggressive organist.  This is not true.  While, compared to Opus-Two PipeBus MIDI is very slow, it is still more than fast enough to carry whatever two hands and two feet can throw at it.  Opus-Two treats MIDI as a high priority event.  When a note is changed, the MIDI message is immediately sent.  There is no lag.  This means that by the time the organist presses the next note, the previous message has long been sent and is out of the way.  Even large chords never actually all fire at exactly the same time because of subtly differences in finger placement.

We have frequently replaced competitors MIDI control systems (especially cheap DIY type kits found online) in Hauptwerk consoles in order to remove a perceivable lag.

Opus-Two Hauptwerk kits are available with the boards pre-panelized, so that the end customer simply has to wire them.  We can provide the necessary crimp tools.

Both legacy and next generation architectures allow the follow features “out of the box” (no special programming or magic required):

  • Ability to handle many keyboards including second touch

  • Transposer (+/- 7 Semitones by default)

  • Lit Reversible Pushbottons can be controlled (no need for external cards)

  • Multiple Sforzandos

  • General Piston Sequencer

  • Virtually unlimited number of stops can be controlled

  • Virtually unlimited number of pipes can be added later

Opus-Two is fully customizable.  Many systems have been implemented with custom code to complete various functions – even custom display interfaces.  If a customer is not comfortable custom-created their own interfaces through code, we gladly will do this for them.  Simply reach out to us and tell us what you want!

Sample Pricing For Pre-Assembled Panels

3 Manual + Pedal               $2350

Includes inputs for up to 41 pistons.  Does not have capacity for moving stops.

2 Manual + Pedal               $2070

Includes inputs for up to 38 pistons.  Does not have capacity for moving stops.

3 Manual + Pedal + Stops   $3400

Includes inputs for up to 57 pistons and 80 stops.

2 Manual + Pedal + Stops   $2865

Includes inputs for up to 38 pistons and 64 moving stops.

All control systems (including Hauptwerk Panel systems) include full printed documentation sent with the control system.  This documentation describes what wires connect to which pins.  For an additional $200 fee, a wiring starter kit can be provided.  This kit contains the crimp tools necessary for Opus-Two PanCon connectors, a flush cutter, and a selection of zip ties, wire mounts, and screws.  All prices include shipping and handling.  Expedited shipping is available upon request.