Welcome to the Opus-Two Instrument Control System (ICS). The Opus-Two ICS is used by organs all over North America, providing owners with unsurpassed convenience, flexibility, customization, and value.  Every aspect of the control system can be optimized by a technician on site and program changes uploaded to the organ without the need to program chips or even consult the manufacturer.  The Opus-Two ICS is currently installed on the two largest pipe organs in the world - The Wanamaker Organ at Macy’s Center City Philadelphia and The Auditorium Organ at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Whether you have browsed to this site to learn more about the system, download a manual, or request support, we hope you enjoy browsing our website.  If you ever have any questions, never ever hesitate to email us – our address is info (at) opustwoics.com – we would love to hear from you!


From Little To... really big.

The image above is one of the panels inside the console of the Wanamaker Organ and collects keying, stop, and expression information to pass along to the chamber controllers and combination action.

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The NExt Generation Of Opus-Two

In 2015 we announced our latest, greatest products that bring even faster speeds, newer features, easier installation, and retain backward compatibility with legacy products.  Installations began in 2016 and hundreds of boards have already been installed.

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Current Software Libraries

Classic Toolset: 210518
C-IV Toolset: 171018
Astrobe Tools: 150718