Which power supplies are okay to use?


Newer is not always better

DC Generators are said to produce “Pure DC” and provide solid power. This is not entirely true, as they can become dirty and performance can change over time. That being said, there are many Opus-Two installations working fine on generators. It is unlikely that the momentary “hiccups” experienced by dirty brushes in generators will affect Opus-Two.

Astron Rectifiers have been the go-to for a very long time. These are our choice power supply as they provide rock solid power for their service life. Astron has made recent changes to their entire RS- series power supplies that should make them last longer than they have before.

Switching power supplies are the latest craze and are the least desirable. While they are compact, they are not much cheaper than an Astron and they provide the least stable power. Don’t believe us? Look on an oscilloscope.

Batteries (automotive) can be used under certain circumstances for high current applications (such as very large consoles).

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